Client-centered care

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Envision the difference, create the change


Individual counseling allows clients to meet in a one-on-one setting to clarify the presenting problem, set goals, and create a plan to embrace positive change.

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Our therapists who counsel couples view relationship issues as problematic patterns of interaction, not as problem people needing to be "fixed".

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Trained in family systems, our providers collaborate with family members to set goals, fostering an appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others.

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Our child clinicians utilize play therapy as a method for children to learn how to better express themselves, resolve problems and self-advocate.

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The desired therapeutic relationship between our counselors and their teen clients can best be described as collaborative, safe, trusting and respectful.

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Couples who engage in some type of premarital education are happier, healthier and more satisfied over the course of their relationship than those who do not.

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Family-Owned Business

Individuals learn to balance core family values with the desire to sustain family bonds while creating profitability to ensure business succession.

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Academic coaching benefits high school and college students by enhancing their academic, social, self-management and problem solving skills.

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Our clinicians address pregnancy, infertility, traumatic childbirth, the NICU experience, newborn phase issues and the transition to parenthood.

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We're Open!

While you are at home, we are available to work with you.

Behavioral health is considered an essential service and we couldn’t agree more. Now more than ever we need to support each other. To abide by social distancing guidelines we are currently utilizing telehealth platforms.

Since we know some clients prefer a face-to-face interaction, we are also taking in-office appointments on an as-needed basis at each clinician’s discretion. If you choose an in-office appointment, please know that we take every precaution to maintain social distancing recommendations. We care deeply about the health of our clients and staff, and take every safeguard by performing frequent and stringent cleaning of all waiting rooms, offices, and other high touch areas.

We are still accepting new clients, so if you need help, we are here for you!