Who We Serve

People Seeking Positive Change

Envision Counseling offers counseling and executive coaching services unmatched anywhere in the Northwest. Our therapists utilize strength-based therapies tailored to meet individual client needs, while considering the sociocultural context of the client’s life. Clients are provided access to in- and out-of-network independent mental healthcare specialists, including mental health counselors, couple/family therapists, licensed independent social workers, and recommendations to psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, physicians, and chemical dependency care providers and facilities.


Individual counseling allows clients to meet in a one-on-one setting to clarify the presenting problem, set goals, and create a plan to embrace positive change.

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Our therapists who counsel couples view relationship issues as problematic patterns of interaction, not as problem people needing to be "fixed".

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Trained in family systems, our providers collaborate with family members to set goals, fostering an appreciation for the uniqueness of self and others.

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Our child clinicians utilize play therapy as a method for children to learn how to better express themselves, resolve problems and self-advocate.

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The desired therapeutic relationship between our counselors and their teen clients can best be described as collaborative, safe, trusting and respectful.

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Couples who engage in some type of premarital education are happier, healthier and more satisfied over the course of their relationship than those who do not.

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Family-Owned Business

Individuals learn to balance core family values with the desire to sustain family bonds while creating profitability to ensure business succession.

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Academic coaching benefits high school and college students by enhancing their academic, social, self-management and problem solving skills.

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Our clinicians address pregnancy, infertility, traumatic childbirth, the NICU experience, newborn phase issues and the transition to parenthood.

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