The desired therapeutic relationship between our counselors and their teen clients can best be described as collaborative, safe, trusting, and respectful.

As adolescents are developing a sense of self within the family while preparing for adulthood, counseling is a means by which adolescents can gain emotional regulation skills and strengthen their sense of self in the world.

Through counseling, adolescents hope to:

  • Recognize and modify negative patterns of behavior
  • Address emotional difficulties related to traumatic life events
  • Gain mental health support for matters related to anxiety or depression, which might include thoughts of self-harm or risk-taking behaviors
  • Improve self-esteem or feelings of social isolation
  • Work towards future social, academic and financial goals to become independent

Our counselors are in-network providers for most major health insurance companies, including but not limited to: Aetna, Cigna, First Choice, Kaiser Permanente, Premera, Regence, and Optum/United Healthcare.   Please call 206-858-1177 for additional details.

Adolescent Practitioners