Family Owned Business

Family-Owned Businesses comprise 80% of worldwide employment organizations.

As the principal means of long-term employment in the US, Family-Owned Businesses employ 60% of the workforce and produce 78% of new job opportunities. However, only 30% of Family-Owned Businesses will remain viable for two generations, 12% for three generations, and only 3% will exceed a 4th generation.

Family business literature identifies three pillars of success that family members must balance to sustain a thriving organization: (1) Ownership that plans for leadership succession to the best-fit family members; (2) Business acumen that creates, manages and assures family member and stakeholder profitability, growth and sustainability; and (3) Family first operating principles that guide family decision making and problem solving.

The key element that differentiates a family-owned business is the relationship process that shapes it. Familial and work relationships are embedded in a dynamic reciprocal emotional process, and the separation of work and family relationships is an impossibility.

Family therapists are trained systems thinkers who: (a) understand the complex emotional process that exists in family-owned business relationships and; (b) facilitate the leadership capacity of each family member relative to their role and position in the business. Families learn to balance the need for profitability with the desire for enduring family relationships, thus sustaining strong family bonds and business succession over time.

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